• July Magazine….And Big Notice

    Each year we set goals and dreams about what we want but never really stop to consider the work it takes, the sacrifices that have to be made or the change in mindset to achieve and sustain them. Instead we choose to remain in our lofty imaginations where we take no accountability for what is happening in our lives or the steps needed to move forward [blaming everyone else but us]..... In this month’s magazine we are going to show you how to take some of these actionable tasks. We are going to help you move forward as an entrepreneur and explore how love never dies. We will learn about…

  • June Magazine

    June is here! June is finally here!! Can you tell that I am excited?! If not, I may need to say it two more times…June is here! June is here!! My love for June may be a little biased—as it is my birth month—but when you look at its calendar position and generally the weather, what is there not to love?! In June you are able to look back and acknowledge the fact that you have survived. You may not be where you want to be, you may not have gotten close to achieving your goals, but during this month there is no judgment.