Women & Men of Movement

This year, I have seen the Universe bend in ways that have left me dumbfounded to the way people, mostly strangers have literally reached out and helped me by offering either words of encouragement, an opportunity or even guidance. Basically, they turned into my cheerleaders in life. This is especially seen in terms of the positive energy received for my blog, my new book UnCaged Destiny, and my future goals. With all of this positive energy, even during negative moments, I started to understand how much my grind is absolutely useless if I am not willing to do the same for others. No, I do not see it as building competitors, but instead I believe that eagles fly with eagles, and that the universe has more than enough space for all of us to be stars. With this in mind I have decided that as I have received, so will I give in return.

To make this more than a moment of encouragement for me, I decided to add a little twist. My goal is to make this a movement, where I will reach out to promote, encourage and even coach, if needed, the hidden gems (women and men- I don’t discriminate) no matter their location on the Globe. This may be an individual personally known to me or someone whose energy and efforts I have observed. My hope is that this will grow and be echoed, not just by the individuals featured, but also by the readers of this blog. Positive energy breeds positive energy. To this world full of negativity, with people who aim to pull others down, I say, “Not on my watch…..we are gonna be more than a moment….this is a movement!”

Check back every month to see who we Feature, who knows it may be you……..



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